Vote-able Category! Babe of the Year!

Babe of the Year:

No doubt fans of WWE Divas will remember the Babe of the Year Contest. Fans vote on their favorites and then the winner gets a photoshoot..

Well Vicious Vixens really wanna bring it back in a way. We respect talent at Vicious Vixens but theres no doubt that female wrestlers are incredibly gorgeous! So its YOUR chance to pick the winner, Just vote below and tell us who you think the Babe of the Year is. Then one of the writers of VV will give that Diva their own post and many gorgeous pictures for you guys to stare at! Haha.

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Please Check This Out

This site is dedicated to the women that put their bodies on the line and dedicate themselves to the wrestling business. News, Opinions, Thoughts, Blogs, Videos. All sorts of things!

As time goes by Ill have guests bloggers and video’s from my friends on Twitter and anyone else that would want to add to the site and it help it be a place where people who love Womens wrestling can express themselves without anyone bashing them or telling them they are stupid. So if you’d like to add anything to the site or send in a tribute video, ideas or anything…. then email the site at (

Well that being said. Dont hesitate to email me anytime and Im not some crazy person whos gonna spam you. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!! Enjoy the site. And please take the poll so I can create a great new header! Thanks 🙂