Inspiring Female of the Year!

Inspiring Female Wrestler of the Year:

This category is given to the women in wrestling today that makes people proud to watch. Hard work, talent, dedication and integrity are all qualities this woman will possess!

And the Nominees Are…..

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TNA Knockouts Photoshoot of the Year!

Next Category in the Vicious Vixens Year End Awards..

TNA Knockouts Photoshoot of the Year:

TNA Knockout (during the entire year) who had the best poses, faces, and had the all around best set of photos.

The Nominees Areā€¦

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Dueling Divas?

Anyone who has seen a WWE Magazine at some point has probably seen the Dueling Divas section where they have 2 WWE Divas weigh in on different situations. I know those pieces are pretty pointless but I wanted Vicious Vixens to do something similar only our pieces would be based on the art of womens wrestling. Me (AlexxRaven) along with my site partner LadySwagger, and tonights guest collumnist Gloria (Lady Swaggers friend) will be answering a few twitter submitted questions thanks to @bradruley @wwefanmike_sXe @nyr3010 @drakexavier @Itchweeeds_Frin & @SoufCentrol

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Updates on Trish Stratus & Lita!


Legendary Ladies Trish Stratus and Lita/Amy Dumas caught up this weekend in Toronto to talk about projects. And the former Divas made appearances at Fan Expo Canada and Night of Lucha Libre.

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