Inspiring Female of the Year!

Inspiring Female Wrestler of the Year:

This category is given to the women in wrestling today that makes people proud to watch. Hard work, talent, dedication and integrity are all qualities this woman will possess!

And the Nominees Are…..

* Eve Torres

Proving that beautiful women can also be strong and smart. A college degree and a student of Gracie jiu-jitsu. Eve truly lives up to the definition of a Diva. Sexy, Smart and Powerful.

* Allison Danger

Wrestling is in this womans blood. Heavily involved in all things SHIMMER and starting heading up her own promotion (Pro-Wrestling SUN), Allison is a wrestler and a business woman. This woman is truly a powerhouse in the indy wrestling business.

* Natalya Neidhart

A fighter. Thats what Natalya Niedhart is. The first ever 3rd Generation Diva has taken 2010 and used every opportunity shes been given. Shes proven herself straight to the top of the Divas Division and became WWE’s Divas Champion. She proved that Diva most definitely isn’t defined by waist size, but by the amount of hard work they put in.

* Beth Phoenix

Although Beth was struck with an injury that kept her out of the ring for many months this year, she still proved to be one of the most determined females in wrestling. Not only winning the now retired Womens Championship, but coming back just in time to make history with our previous nominee Natalya Neidhart in the first ever Divas Tag Team Tables match.

* Sara Del Rey

Successfully defending her title for the 14th time in December, Sara continues to prove that women can be a dominant force in the business of professional wrestling.


Natalya Neidhart

Constantly proving her talent at every point this, now, history making Diva fought her way to the Divas Championship and gave everyone chills in the process. No doubt one of the most deserving females ever to win a Championship. She` clearly has passion that exudes from her every time she steps foot in a ring.


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