WWE’s 11 to Watch in 2011

WWE.com posted a list of people they think will be big in 2011! Click below to see which up and coming Diva made the list!

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Vote-able Category! Babe of the Year!

Babe of the Year:

No doubt fans of WWE Divas will remember the Babe of the Year Contest. Fans vote on their favorites and then the winner gets a photoshoot..

Well Vicious Vixens really wanna bring it back in a way. We respect talent at Vicious Vixens but theres no doubt that female wrestlers are incredibly gorgeous! So its YOUR chance to pick the winner, Just vote below and tell us who you think the Babe of the Year is. Then one of the writers of VV will give that Diva their own post and many gorgeous pictures for you guys to stare at! Haha.

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Inspiring Female of the Year!

Inspiring Female Wrestler of the Year:

This category is given to the women in wrestling today that makes people proud to watch. Hard work, talent, dedication and integrity are all qualities this woman will possess!

And the Nominees Are…..

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TNA Knockouts Photoshoot of the Year!

Next Category in the Vicious Vixens Year End Awards..

TNA Knockouts Photoshoot of the Year:

TNA Knockout (during the entire year) who had the best poses, faces, and had the all around best set of photos.

The Nominees Areā€¦

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Vicious Vixens Year End Awards: WWE Divas Photoshoot of the Year!

Us here at Vicious Vixens decided it would be best to wait until the entire year was over to present our year end awards… We wanted to wait til the very last match, which, btw happened to be a very entertaining tag match between LayCool and the Sisters of Destruction, Beth Phoenix and Divas Womens Champion (I like Divas WOMENS Champion more than Divas) Natalya Neidhart.

Some of the categories have been pre-chosen by us and some categories we need YOUR help!

WWE Divas Photoshoot of the Year Goes to….

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