Natalya… Divas Champion!

At the Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 21, as we all know, Natalya defeated Michelle McCool to begin the eleventh ever Unified Divas Championship reign. The real question I think that needs to be asked now is Who?

Who will challenge the former Hart Dynasty Diva for the WWEs most prestigious (?) Womens Championship? It seems logical that former champions Lay-Cool would have first shot at a rematch with the beautiful blond champion… but if they’re unsuccessful, who is the next challenger? Its no surprise that WWE is lacking big time in top Divas, especially heels. That seems fairly obvious when you see how much TV time, on BOTH shows, that Lay-Cool has gotten in the last year.  The real thing the WWE needs right now is to give some of the other Divas a chance to step up and show that they can be trusted. Lay-Cool stepped up big time when they got their chance and they became the focal point of the Divas division. A Diva like Alicia Fox, Eve, Gail Kim, AJ and Naomi all could potentially be the Diva that WWE needs right now, if they are given the chance. There is no doubt in my mind Gail Kim could turn heel today and do fantastically. That woman has all the talent in the world to put on fantastic matches. WWE is completely wasting her incredible talent. One Diva that we pretty much ALL would love to see challenge Natalya for the Divas Championship is Beth Phoenix, but at this point, unless her status changes it looks like Beth will be on the side of the newest Divas champion instead of against her. The biggest frustration I have with the WWE these days is their inability to work to the strengths of ALL of their talent. There is so much wasted potential and I honestly dont believe their living up to what they could be at all. That especially applies to the Womens Division. These Divas could connect with the crowd so much more if they were given storylines that people cared about. Even Natalyas storyline with LayCool was basically just a variation of the storyline LayCool was in with Melina before her, Kelly Kelly before that, and Mickie James before that… All making fun of their physical appearances and not much substance. I think its time WWE grew up a little bit and realized that their talent are wrestlers first and foremost and that its time they gave them a chance to be wretlers. I would really love to see more female wrestlers out in that ring and less Divas.. Then WWE wouldn’t be in such a hard place in trying to find the incredible Natalya Neidhart a challenger.


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