Kaitlyn.. WWE’s Newest Diva

Poll Included!!

Say Hello to WWE’s Newest Diva, Kaitlyn. The season three NXT winner debuted December 3rd on Smackdown continuing her storyline with Official Consultant to Smackdown, the cougar herself Vickie Guerrero. I’m also excited to have new females introduced to the WWE. We all know Kaitlyn has very little experience in the ring, even stating that she had her first ever match on television, but there are plenty of things WWE could do with this beautiful charismatic new Diva. Its no doubt that Kaitlyn became instantly popular with the fans, shes gorgeous and funny. Plus harassing Vickie Guerrero could get anyone over big time. I’m a little apprehensive to see if people care as much about Kaitlyn when shes separated from Vickie Guerrero, because like Ive said, the girl has only months of experience and cant survive off wrestling alone, she may flop without any storyline to back her up. Only time will tell if she becomes a success or not…



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